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OrangeTee builds sustainability in society by supporting Singapore’s low income seniors

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SG, 02 Oct 2020

OrangeTee & Tie continues its efforts to support senior citizens through its Love For Senior Citizens CSR initiative.

This time around OTT used a care pack distribution system to benefit elders and we were well received by the seniors, including Mdm Tan Hong Huay (pictured above) who has participated in many past events. Mdm Tan was pleased to see the volunteers, and said she was looking forward to the next event.

The volunteers themselves found the distribution very fulfilling. Max Ang decided to participate in the event because he wanted to be able to do his part to help, no matter how tiring it was. “When I saw the seniors in good health and good spirits, it made me feel the whole event was very worth it.”

OrangeTee & Tie has adopted the Love For Senior Citizens initiative for the past 3 years, organising 5 events per year – typically during major holiday celebrations including Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, and Christmas.

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