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‘Long Island’ along East Coast: Residents, property analysts look ahead to potential impact

New Project Launches

Singapore, 07 Jun 2022

Some homeowners living near a proposed "Long Island" reclamation site on Singapore's south-eastern coast are hoping that the area's charm and tranquility will be preserved if the authorities decide to go ahead with the project.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is now reviewing a 15-kilometer length of reclaimed ground running from Marina East to Changi, on which future housing will be built. When these developments are released, property specialists predict that they will be among the most sought-after.

The development might entail the construction of a new reservoir to meet the country's water demands, as well as housing, leisure, and recreation, according to URA. It was one of several planning concepts and recommendations presented at a public display at The URA Centre to steer Singapore's growth for the next 50 years.

Mr Steven Tan, chief executive officer of real estate firm OrangeTee and Tie, said that if the upcoming developments on Long Island are not too high-rise and if there are not too many houses being built, there will likely be little impact on the prices of houses in the East Coast area.

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