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OrangeTee Embraces Digital Innovation to Empower Property Seekers at Elevate Convention 2024

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Singapore, 12 Apr 2024

OrangeTee unveils Latest Innovations: A Research Hub for Seamless Access to Property Insights, AI-enabled Automation Enhancing Consumer Real Estate Journey 

Singapore, 12 April 2024 – At its annual business convention, Elevate Convention 2024, Singapore’s leading Proptech agency OrangeTee celebrated its top leaders and agents, and outlined the company’s commitment to cutting-edge digital innovations and upskilling programmes designed to simplify the real estate journey for home seekers and businesses. Graced by Minister for National Development & Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration, Desmond Lee, the convention unveiled a suite of initiatives aimed at empowering both the agent and consumer, with tools that enhance client engagement whilst also placing greater control and confidence in the hands of property seekers. 

As part of the agency’s recent brand transformation, OrangeTee renewed its corporate vision to make real estate accessible and approachable to all. The transformative tools introduced by OrangeTee, centred on the slogan "Find Your Place", aims to empower home seekers, businesses, and agents throughout their real estate journey.  

Its vision of empowerment is anchored in its 3P strategy: Presence, Partnership, and Productivity. This entails establishing a robust presence through innovative tech solutions, nurturing essential partnerships to build a comprehensive real estate ecosystem, and creating strategic opportunities to elevate agent productivity.  

Announcing its latest innovations, OrangeTee unveiled a first-of-its-kind Research Hub and revamped its Market Analytics Suite (MAS) for seamless access to property insights and data analytics. It also launched an AI-enabled automation to elevate the overall consumer real estate journey. Additionally, it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with iQuadrant, a leading educational platform specialising in real estate investing, to enhance its upskilling initiatives and agent productivity.  


Before the convention, OrangeTee had forged partnerships with institutions like Nanyang Polytechnic that offer co-certification on real estate digital marketing for OrangeTee’s agents. In line with Forward Singapore’s vision for lifelong learning, Mr Justin Quek, CEO of OrangeTee, highlighted, “We believe in championing our agents to elevate themselves to become trusted advisers through continuous professional development. Our collaborations with Nanyang Polytechnic and iQuadrant are small steps towards equipping our agents with the latest digital marketing trends and domain expertise, giving them a competitive edge in this ever-evolving real estate industry.” 

Empowering Informed Decisions with Research Hub & Market Analytics Suite 

The brand-new Research Hub serves as a comprehensive repository of research materials dedicated to the real estate industry. With a clean and intuitive user interface, featuring image-led dashboards, interactive infographics, and clear thematic categorisation, the Hub provides consumers access to numerous reports, analyses, and insights covering various aspects of the market.  

With regular updates on market trends, property development, and industry news, the Hub keeps consumers informed about the latest happenings in real estate across market segments such as HDB build-to-order (BTO) flats, HDB resale flats, private residential, office, industrial, ensuring the consumer’s data-gathering experience is seamless and easily understood. 

The Market Analytics Suite (MAS) is a data analytics platform designed to streamline property market information to help users navigate complex real estate data in Singapore. The pioneering MAS offers more than 100 dashboards, with filtering options allowing for targeted searches based on sales type, market segment, property type, tenure type, and postal districts within Singapore.  

The MAS has been expanded to include dashboards for consumers. By breaking down the barriers of complex data into user-friendly visual aids, the Consumer Analytics Suite puts unprecedented access to valuable insights and trends, previously reserved for only agents and invited guests, within consumer reach. The new dashboards will further enhance the platform’s usability and broaden its accessibility, empowering users to find relevant information efficiently. 

While the web version caters to all users, the dashboards are now tablet and mobile-ready. The Mobile Analytics Suite is tailored exclusively for OrangeTee agents, ensuring seamless access to vital data and insights across different devices. 

AI-enabled Data Board Automation to Empower Real Estate Journey 

OrangeTee is seamlessly integrating AI with data board automation in their business model to optimise processes and streamline workflows to elevate positive consumer real estate experience and to allow agents to focus on delivering exceptional client service. By leveraging AI-enabled tools, OrangeTee is actively harnessing the agency’s extensive databank to furnish clients with valuable industry-leading insights, such as research reports, project information, and market trends.  

This data-driven system allows the consumers to engage the agency at various stages of their property journey by empowering them with essential information, before matching them up with qualified agents who will prioritise delivering personalised, high-value services. With these customer touchpoints bridged by AI-enabled automation, OrangeTee agents can now focus on providing more intimate advisory while delivering higher standards of engagement to the clients, giving them a head start in cultivating and sustaining authentic customer-adviser relationships. 

Driving Service Excellence 

Justin Quek emphasised that AI and upskilling should work in tandem in empowering agents to deliver exceptional client-centric service and personalised solutions. "OrangeTee remains attuned to the shifting demographics and behaviours in the real estate market. As younger buyers take centre stage in recent times, we understand the need to adjust our strategies to effectively engage this emerging demographic, while also preparing our seasoned sales force with the relevant skills. Moreover, anticipating a greying population, we will continue to build capabilities and competencies in this space to address the unique needs and aspirations of this demographic," Mr Quek remarked at the convention. 

OrangeTee’s strategic adoption of technology and upskilling initiatives prioritise elevating service standards while ensuring the agency’s adaptability to evolving consumer needs. These improvements will be gradually implemented throughout the year, intended to evolve continually according to the changing market dynamics. 

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