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OrangeTee set to soar to greater heights with parent company OrangeTee Group’s new strategic growth

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Leading real estate agency undergoes transformation with new opportunities for expansion and growth

Singapore, 16 January 2024 As the new year unfolds, OrangeTee is ready to soar to new heights as its parent company OrangeTee Group rolls out an ambitious strategic plan to enhance its full suite of real estate services.


Robust strategic plan rolled out by the OrangeTee Group


2          OrangeTee will be expanding its operations with a three-pronged approach. The first pillar involves providing a full-suite of real estate services, including the broadening and enhancement of its valuation consultancy, and research services. The second pillar involves venturing into new markets. Finally, the third pillar involves strengthening its presence in global markets. These pillars will not only empower the commercial (OrangeTee Advisory - OTA) and residential arms (OrangeTee & Tie - OTT) of OrangeTee but also the overarching OrangeTee Group, which includes OrangeTee International (OTI), to better meet the needs of their stakeholders.

3          To achieve these goals, the company has appointed a new C-suite management team to lead the organisation. In addition to Justin Quek, OrangeTee’s new Chief Executive Officer taking charge of the agency from this year, OrangeTee Group will be welcoming two more stellar in-house real estate veterans – Christine Sun, Chief Researcher and Strategist and Stella Seow, Head of Valuation and Advisory, Senior Executive Director – into their executive management team to ramp up its local and global profile in current and new markets.


Leadership Renewal – promotion of Christine Sun


4          Christine Sun is a prominent industry expert with over twenty years of experience in research and consultancy, property development, marketing, and corporate communications in the real estate and public sector. She has garnered vast experience in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and industrial sectors, having handled over S$1 billion in property sales accounts. Her research work is widely recognised for being up-to-date, market-relevant, and consumer-centric. She has been with the agency for six years and is also the Honorary Real Estate Advisor at the Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore (REDAS). Christine holds a Master's degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) under a scholarship program for top honours students, specialising in management science, corporate strategy and research.


5          In her new role as the Chief Researcher and Strategist, she will be spearheading the company's business strategy and development initiatives. She will also be providing valuable research support to the Group and its subsidiaries. Her research focus will span across the residential, commercial and international markets and include specialised consultancy services. Additionally, Christine will work closely with the Board, CEOs and business unit heads to drive growth and profitability for the company by identifying trends and business opportunities in both local and overseas markets.


Leadership Renewal – promotion of Stella Seow


6          With over three decades in the real estate market, Stella Seow has a wealth of experience in conducting professional valuation of all property types across the commercial, industrial, residential and retail sectors.


7             Since joining OrangeTee in 2020, she has significantly contributed to the success of OTA’s Corporate Valuation Department. Their extensive customer base comprising respected financial institutions, corporate clients, statutory boards and more, is a testament to the team’s quality, efficiency and responsive services. Stella is also a Licensed Appraiser with the Inland Revenue of Singapore, a member of the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) and The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).


8          In her new role as the Head of Valuation and Advisory, Senior Executive Director, Stella will lead the formulation and implementation of business strategies as well as offer the full suite of valuation services to drive greater success for OTA and increase collaborations with overseas partners such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Her responsibilities will encompass four key pillars – organisational and operational leadership, business development, marketing, change management and talent development. 


Expansion into global markets


9          OrangeTee is planning to increase its presence in the international arena this year, especially the Japanese property market. They are collaborating with their longtime shareholder, Tokyu Livable Inc (TLI), one of the largest real estate companies in Japan that has over 45 years of experience in the Japanese real estate market. TLI offers a wide range of services from brokerage to valuation and has secured close to 30,000 real estate deals to date.

10        This collaboration comes at an opportune time as the Japanese property market is becoming highly prominent among Singaporeans due to a relatively weaker yen and growing demand in the logistics and hospitality industries. Singaporean investors emerged as the top foreign buyers in the Japanese real estate market in 2023, crossing $3 billion worth of property investments.


11        OrangeTee is also expanding its footprint in other countries such as Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom this year.


Unveiling a refreshed brand


12          Last August, the OrangeTee Group appointed creative agency Redhill, a full-service global communications agency to refresh the organisation’s network of brands. It encompasses all verticals of its businesses, from the Group to the agency-focused OrangeTee & Tie and advisory-focused OrangeTee Advisory. The rehaul extends beyond the Singapore market to OrangeTee International. The primary goal is to underscore the Group’s position as a trusted, tech-driven leader within the real estate ecosystem while broadening its audience engagement. The official unveiling of the renewed brand is slated for the first quarter of this year.


13          Commenting on their extensive strategic plans, the Board of OrangeTee Group said, “The real estate market in Singapore is rapidly evolving. While we are pleased with the progress and growth of the OrangeTee brand, we recognised the need for transformation to stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities. With changing client demographics and preferences, it is imperative to constantly review our business model, innovate, and explore new territories to achieve another stage of growth. The new strategic plan is driven by the aim of remaining agile and becoming an end-to-end, trusted, full-suite real estate services company. With our competent senior management team at the helm, we are confident of our continued success as a tech-driven, client-first organisation and look forward to breaking new ground both locally and internationally.”

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