OrangeTee aims to provide its agents with active, continuous and result-producing learning experience and to ensure they achieve the highest level of competency and continue to remain relevant in the future.

Our programmes:

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a commitment by real estate salespersons to continually update their skills and knowledge in order to maintain high levels of professional competence. It is also one of the mandatory requirements for salespersons to renew their registration annually.

Registration For CPD Courses

TeeOff Real Estate

TeeOff is a must attend real estate skills training for all new rookies to help them to excel and build a rewarding career in this challenging industry! The 4-days intensive training provides an in-depth comprehension and skills on handling different types of residential property transactions including effective prospecting, sales presentation, conventional and digital marketing methods, negotiation skills and closing techniques and many more.

For Sale By Owner Mastery

This workshop aims to establish and boost your lead generation system through a series of interactive activities. The learners will be exploring, expanding and evolving the best approaches to connect and ultimately be engaged by the FSBOs or FLBOs. They will also learn to handle and counter objections received from FBSOs or FLBOs through a powerful presentation and effective negotiation and communication skils. FBSO Mastery will provide the learners a good head start in this industry by obtaining genuine prospects and grow your potential to new closing opportunities.

HDB Gladiators

Learn the best techniques of prospecting, listing, marketing & closing from the HDBGurus to kick start HDB sales in the shortest time. The training comprises 2-day workshops and the 3 months on the job training in order to help salespersons to kick start their GTA

Commercial & Industrial Optimum Programme

CROP is designed based on the real life experience encountered by the salespersons while handling different types of commercial or industrial properties. It provides the essential knowledge and skills that salespersons must know before venture into commercial or industrial segments. The course also covers the intergral policies and regulations , must-know skills and techniques as well as best approaches and documentations when dealing with non-residential properties including HDB commercial or industrial properties. At the end of training, the participants will acquire the vital skills to establish their income and business model in this segment of industry and leverage on the market opportunities to maximise their income.

Service Excellence

A Skills Future approved programme to train and equip real estate salespersons with high competency in providing excellent service to their customers.The course is designed to promote the qualities of high service-oriented and customer-centric salespersons through positive attitude, right skills and empowered knowledge (ASK) in personal, service and interpersonal distinctions. Thus, improve lead conversion, customer retention as well as sales performance.

Marketing Private Shophouses

Shophouses - A historical source of delight and nostalgia which reflects Singapore societal history and developments. They are the historical gems with both commercial and aesthetic values. This one-day workshop aims to equip salespersons with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and skills required when handling private shophouse transactions. At the end of the course, the participants should be able to: • Interpret types of private shophouses • Paraphrase the rules pertaining to different types of shophouses in different locations • Estimate the value of a private shophouse • Evaluate the potentials of the private shophouse • Enhance competencies by applying the 9 Golden Rules

Financial Analysis For Real Estate Salespersons

This programme is specially designed for salespersons to develop proficiency in financial analysis such as rates of return, discounted cash flows, net present value, return on equity, break-even ratio and effective rent, etc. It also allows salespersons to enhance their property financial literacy and assist clients to make smart property decision. It is an indispensable knowledge that all salepsersons must equip.

OT Pro

A Project Salesperson's plate has to be always full! They are often pressed to develop effective promotional strategies, raise awareness for the projects they are marketing and strive to engage clients daily. As such, we have developed the OTPro Elite training - the training of elite team of project salespersons that focuses specifically on residential projects, be it NEW LAUNCHES - private projects & ECs or EXISTING PROJECTS which aims for salespersons to stay on top of the trend and excel in project marketing. This programme which will be a pre-requisite for consideration to be a core team member for new launch projects eventually.

Research 101

We are now living in a high-tech world where data is easily available and found. Clients are now increasingly IT savvy and well informed, and salespersons should constantly update their market knowledge, skills and be willing to go the extra mile to add value to their clients. During this short course, you will learn how to retrieve pertinent data and learn how to present the data in a professional and yet easy to understand way. At course completion, you should be able to create and tailor your presentations to clients according to their individual preferences and this will translate into increased selling opportunities.

Leadership Excellence Acceleration Programme

An essential course for aspiring leaders in team building and establishing a successful career in real estate business by understanding the organisation's culture and values, mastering the art of building winning relationships and also improving self-awareness. This is also the prerequisite for OT leaders & trainer promotion.

Team Effectiveness And Mentorship

Be a supportive and innovative Team Manager! TEAM workshop aims to develop skills, knowledge and behaviours associated with being a successful team manager. It is an ideal workshop for team managers and those who have been promoted to this role.

Yes U Can

This is a mind transformation workshop which has benefitted many underperformed salespersons to become one of the ‘Top Achievers’. In this workshop, we will teach you the methods to focus, renewing your mind and thoughts to embrace the new challenges ahead

Excel Training

Excel is arguably one of the most useful software in the world today. This is especially so for real estate works and when most information is stored electronically. Excel not only functions as an easy way to store and display this data, it also helps to filter, sort and analyse the information contained in its spreadsheets. In this short excel course for beginners, you will learn how to use elemental Excel functions, learn how to create tables to ease information analysis and create graphs to illustrate your data.

Info-Tech Training

I.T. training is designed to ensure effective and optimum use of our E-services such as E-Litho, Project Information, Caveat Search, HDB Transaction Search, Submission of Sales Transactions and many more. Associates will also learn to leverage on info-tech system to maximise productivity and efficiency

Essential Mobile Apps for Real Estate Sales Cycle

Technology is the new future! You will learn the latest mobile applications which assist you in pre-marketing preparation, sales presentation, property promotional activities, viewings and even handover process. Be a modern salesperson & impress your clients with the latest mobile applications and ultimately increase your speed and closing opportunities!

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the current digital era, Internet Marketing has increased significantly in these few years even in real estate industry and many salespersons have been benefitted from that. The training is designed to show you how to reach out to the right prospects in the shortest possible time by increasing your website traffic and enhancing your advertising content with quality keywords and actionable ideas.

Capitalising On Facebook Branding For Maximum Exposure To Attract The RIGHT Leads

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. As one of internet marketing strategies, it has become an integral part of real estate marketing and branding approaches. This programme is developed to provide the best strategy to improve your brand presence and attract new customers on your social media platforms especially Facebook daily. Learn how to build your network and reach out more than 300,000 of network / members in the target group.

Positive Monday

A motivational and inspired workshop is conducted by Leaders, Head of Departments, and external speakers from related industrues to keep salespersons informed of the latest market trends, new products, services and well as skills based knowledge to ensure continuous peak performance.

Accelerated Specialised Skills Enhancement Training

ASSET provides a continuous learning opportunities to salespersons to update themselves with the latest industry practices on different segmants such as sales and rental of HDB, Private Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties as well as local & overseas projects.

Property Conveyancing Symposium

An educational conference conducted by leading law firms for salespersons to get together to discuss on a particular real estate topics and having a better understanding on property law and conveyancing process in both residential and non-residential properties.

Smart Wednesday Achievers Talk

Learn from the month top achievers to be SMART in every economic condition and propel forward amidst the relentless challenges. Key highlights: • Find out where the SMART opportunities are and how to seize them on time • Attempt the SMART sales and marketing approaches that you have never tried or have avoided before • Convert your sales pitch to a pitch which focus on drives and values to customers • Uncover the secrets to achieve success in both work and personal life and many more!

Conversations With KEO

A two-way conversation session where our KEO, Mr Michael Tan will share and discuss a wide range of topics from global economy, market trend, government policies, overseas marketing, income opportunities to life challenges, best practices and even lifestyles.

Special Briefing

A platform to notify OT associates on the latest announcements or news that released by the relevant authorities relating to real estate work. The latest Special briefing was on Anti Money Laundering & Countering Financial Terrorism (AML/CFT)

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