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The Big Read in short: Bridging the Singaporean-foreigner divide

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Singapore, 30 Apr 2022

Tensions between immigrants and citizens always rise to the surface during big crises around the world.
It was the same in Singapore during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the Singaporean-foreigner divide surfacing, whether in the economic or social sector.
A lack of integration between Singaporeans and foreigners in everyday life typically causes such a barrier.
Some expats admit to staying to their own circles for a number of reasons, especially given the communal restrictions during the pandemic. Some Singaporeans claim that they do not initiate contact with foreign colleagues or acquaintances.
Fault lines will deepen if bridges are not built, according to experts, and society must continue to work on integration, which is a two-way street.  

Addressing worries that foreigners could drive up property prices here, property analyst Christine Sun of real estate agency OrangeTee and Tie, said that the average Singaporean need not be concerned as the numbers of foreign buyers are not large. 

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