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Rising HDB resale prices to pose tough questions

SRX HDB Resale Data

SRX HDB Resale Data

Singapore, 03 Aug 2021

A FIVE-ROOM Housing Board (HDB) flat in Bishan in July smashed the record for the most expensive HDB that has changed hands - a record that was hit just in June.

A 120 square metre unit at Block 273A Bishan Street 24 in a Design, Build and Sell Scheme project called Natura Loft was sold for S$1.295 million just last month, beating the last - and short-lived - record of S$1.268 million. The high-floor unit offers the buyer around 89 years on its remaining lease.

Headline figures like these are coming up against the broader trend that resale prices of HDB flats are on the up, across the board.

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