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HDB terraced houses: Where are they, why are people buying them, and is Sers a possibility?



Singapore, 26 Jun 2021

SINGAPORE - Two-storey terraces with spacious living areas and mini front porches complete with gates - these sound like private landed properties, but the Housing Board block sign gives them away.

HDB terraced houses - a rarity in Singapore's public housing - have come under the spotlight, following a record sale of a 210 sq m unit in Whampoa for $1.268 million this month, the most expensive HDB resale property to change hands so far.

There are only 285 such HDB terraced units, and they are located in Jalan Ma'mor, Jalan Bahagia and Jalan Tenteram in Whampoa, and Stirling Road in Queenstown - both sought-after mature estates.

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