[Professional CPD] Singapore Industrial Real Estate Market
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With 25 years of intensive Real Estate Experience under his belt, John is known as one of the leading veteran in Commercial and Industrial segments. Over the years he had developed a wealth of experience in handling various types of transactions especially on JTC projects. As a company trainer, he has developed three core CPD modules with the aim to share his vast experience in this niche market. Be open and collaborative, his door is always open for anyone who are keen to learn more about JTC space.
Singapore Industrial Real Estate Market is aimed at deepening the knowledge of salespersons in the industrial real estate and have a good understanding of the following
1. Various industrial land use classification and controls,
2. Different types of industrial estates and property,
3. Key characteristics of industrial properties and
4. Key considerations in marketing industrial properties.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, the learners will be able to
(1) To have a better knowledge of Singapore Industrial Real Estate Market.
(2) To have a better knowledge of industrial land use classification & controls.
(3) To deepen understanding of different types of industrial estates and properties, key characteristics and Marketing of Industrial Properties.
A Certificate of Attendance and 2 Professional Competencies CPD Credit will be awarded to participants upon completion of the course.
Training Venue
Contact Details
Tel : (65) 6471 8888
Email : learning@orangetee.com
Website : www.orangetee.com
Operating Hours : 9:00am - 6:00pm
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