[Professional CPD] Achieving Customer Delights - Elevating Professional Conduct
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Harry is a real estate practitioner and trainer. He has a total of 41 years of work experience, with 19 years of teaching experience in real estate courses. Prior to joining the real estate agency industry, he has held senior executive positions at various financial institutions in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. Harry started his teaching career in 1996 by preparing students for the CEHA. To-date, he has taught thousands of students who have successfully passed the various real estate examinations. Harry holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Oklahoma City University of U.S.A., a Certificate-in-CEHA, Certificate-in-REA, Certificate-in-RES and Certificate in Conveyancing Law from SIM University. He is also a fully-qualified ACTA certified-trainer for WDA’s Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) training programme.
Estate agents and salespersons need to conduct themselves professionally when rendering their services to their clients.
This CPD Module aims to update and upgrade the competencies and professionalism of estate agents and salespersons so that they will render good, professional and competent services of the highest standards to their customers.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this module, participants will have a good knowledge and understanding of the Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care and would be able to delight their clients by rendering their services honestly, ethically and professionally in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care.

Estate agents and salespersons need to conduct themselves professionally (with due diligence and care and honesty). when rendering their services to their clients.

In particular, learners will be able to explain and comply the following:

(i) Knowledge of and compliance with relevant laws practice circulars and guidelines, and essential facts;

(ii) Due diligence and compliance with law and statutory requirements;

(ii) General duty to clients and public;

(iv) Prohibition against bringing discredit or disrepute to real estate industry;

(v) Duty to clients in relation to signing of documents;

(vi) Obligations in respect of agreements;

(vii) Obligation in conveying offers and counter offers;

(viii) Interpretation or translation, if necessary;

(ix) Duties in respect of advertisements;

(x) Duty to avoid conflict of interests;

(xi) Recommending professional advice where appropriate;

(xii) Safeguarding confidential information.
A Certificate of Attendance and 2 Professional Competencies CPD credits will be awarded to participants upon completion of the course.
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