[Professional CPD] 8 Critical Factors for Successful Landed Property Sale
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This course is to develop and deepen the Salespersons’ knowledge when marketing Landed Residential Property. The ability to understand and interpret the Master Plan 2019 is of utmost importance as many Salespersons often misinterpret and cause clients to suffer losses. Knowing the essential development control parameters will help Salespersons guide Sellers or Buyers with relevant and accurate information. Questions and issues like Designated Landed Housing Areas, Subdivision, Additions and Alterations, Reconstruction and Redevelopment could be aptly answered by Salespersons.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of the session, the participants will a deeper comprehension of:

1. Master Plan & Types Of Landed Residential Property

2. Envelope Control Guidelines / Strata Voids

3. Impact Of Street Block Vs Road Buffers Vs Setbacks

4. Impact Of Road Line Plan

5. Additions & Alterations / Reconstruction / Redevelopment

6. Detachment Into Other Housing Forms

7. Maximum Number Of Strata Landed Units

8. Criteria For Temporary Occupation Permit / Certificate Of Statutory Completion & Construction Costs
A Certificate of Attendance and 2 Professional Competencies CPD credits will be awarded to participants upon completion of the course.
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