[Professional CPD] A Guide to Effective Selling Process for New Executive Condominiums
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Terry has more than 18 years in the business, an ACTA certified trainer that had conducted numerous educational and motivational training sessions since 2003. Had assessed more than 300 real estate agents from many companies in the nationally recognized NSRS’ Competency Standards for Real Estate Industry between 2002 to 2006. Achieved many TOP Producers’ awards and IEA’s recognition awards in the real estate industry since 1998, very experience and knowledgeable in the business.
Executive Condominium is a unique form of subsidized housing developed solely by private developers but only available to the purchasers who have met the prevailing HDB eligibility conditions. In addition, the new EC owners also subject to some conditions before they are allowed to dispose the properties. In light of this, this CPD is developed to provide an essential summary of latest policies, procedures and the key documentations that salespersons must know when handling new EC purchase. Various case studies will be discussed to enhance learning retention.
Learning Outcomes
- Recognize the history and development of Executive Condominiums in Singapore
- Explain the policies and procedures relating to selling of new Executive Condominium (EC)
- Distinguish the key documentations in selling of new EC
- Discuss practical issues in purchasing new EC
A Certificate of Attendance and 2 Professional Competencies CPD Credit will be awarded to participants upon completion of the course.
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