Registration Number 199206764K
Freesia Woods

FOUNDATION : Cast-in-situ bored pile system.
SUPERSTRUCTURE : Reinforced concrete structure.

External Wall : Reinforced concrete/brick wall.
Internal Wall : Reinforced concrete/brick wall.

ROOF : Pitched Roof : Clay roof tile with appropriate insulation.
Flat Roof : Reinforced concrete flat roof with appropriate insulation and waterproofing system.
a) Living, Dining, Bedrooms, Study, Private Lift Lobby
Skim coat and/or ceiling board with emulsion paint.
b) Kitchen, Bathrooms , W.C. - Ceiling board with emulsion paint.

c) Utility, Yard and Store. - Skim coat with emulsion paint.

  I. Living, Dining, Bedrooms, Study, Private Lift Lobby, Utility, Store & Yard

Skim coat and/or cement sand plaster with emulsion paint.

  II. Master Bathroom, Bath 3 for Type 'D' units.

Marble and/or granite (up to false ceiling height and on exposed surfaces only).

  III. Other Bathrooms, Kitchen, WC.

Ceramic tiles (up to false ceiling height and on exposed surfaces only)

  I. Private Enclosed Space and Roof Terrace

Skim coat and/or cement/sand plaster with paint .

  I. Living, Dining, Study, Private Lift Lobby


Marble with timber skirting.

  II. Bedrooms

Timber strip with timber skirting (to exposed areas).

  III. Master Bathrooms, Bath 3 for Type 'D' units

Marble and/or granite (to exposed areas).

  IV. Common Bathrooms

Marble (to exposed areas).

  V. Kitchen, WC, Utility, Store & Yard :

Ceramic tiles (to exposed areas).

  VI. Internal Staircase :

Timber strip.

  I. Private Enclosed Space and Roof Terrace


Homogenous tiles.


(a) Aluminium framed windows with tinted float glass.
(b) Aluminium framed window with obscured glass for bathroom, side bay-window/window in master bedroom for #01-02 to #04-02 and side bay-window in bedroom 2 for #05-02.

a) Main Entrance

Timber veneer door for units with private lift lobby.
Fire-rated door for units with common lift lobby.


Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Utility

Hollow core timber veneer door.

Dining to Kitchen, Kitchen to Yard

Hollow core timber door with glass panels.


Aluminium framed folding door.


Good quality locksets .

SANITARY FITTINGS : (a) Master Bathrooms & Bathroom 3 of Type D2:

  • Granite vanity top with basin; mixer tap; and cabinets below.
  • Long bath with bath/shower mixer.
  • Shower compartment with shower mixer.
  • Pedestal water closet.
  • Soap/sponge holder.
  • Towel rack.
  • Toilet roll holder.
  • Mirror.

(b) Other Bathrooms:

  • Granite vanity top with basin and mixer tap and cabinets below
  • Shower compartment with shower mixer.
  • Pedestal water closet.
  • Granite soap dish.
  • Towel rail.
  • Toilet roll holder.
  • Mirror.
(c) W.C.:

  • Wall hung wash basin with tap.
  • Pedestal water closet.
  • Shower set.
  • Soap holder.
  • Toilet roll holder.

(a) Concealed electrical wiring below ceiling level except Utility & Yard. Electrical wirinng above false ceiling in exposed conduits.
(b) Sufficient points are provided.


Sufficient points are provided.


Lighting protection system in accordance with Singapore Standard Code of Practice (SS CP 33:1996).

PAINTING : (a) External Wall: Sprayed textured coating finish and/or emulsion paint.
(b) Internal Wall: Emulsion paint.

Waterproofing system in Bathrooms, Kitchen, R.C Flat Roof, Yard, P.E.S., Roof Terrace, and W.C.

DRIVEWAY & CARPARK : Tarmac for driveway at 1st Storey . Basement car park on concrete floor with hardener.
RECREATION FACILITIES : Refer to facilities

a) Kitchen Cabinets/Appliances : High and low level kitchen cabinets with solid surface top complete with double-bowl single drainer sink, mixer tap, cooker hood, hob and oven with microwave oven function.
b) Bedroom Wardrobes : Built-in wardrobe in all bedrooms.
c) Air-conditioner : Multi-split air-conditioning system in living, dining, all bedrooms and study.
d) Hot Water Supply : To all Bathrooms & Kitchen.
e) Gas : Town gas will be provided (turn-on and utility charges shall be borned by the Purchaser).
f) Security System :

(i) Video audio intercom to apartment.
(ii) CCTV to Basement Lobby and 1st Storey common lift lobby.
(iii) Card access provided to lift lobby at basement, 1st Storey and side gate.
(iv) Auto car barrier with proximity transponder card access.

g) Cable Vision : Provision of cable outlet only for cable vision services (subscription charges shall be borne by the Purchaser).
h) Other Features within the unit : (i) Category 5E structured cabling or other appropriate broadband system.
(ii) Wired local area network (LAN)
(iii) WAP-enanbled condominium portal with development domain.


Stones, including marble and granite will have veins and varying tonality due to their complex mineral composition and inherent impurities. Whilst these materials will be pre-selected before installation, non-conformity between pieces cannot be totally avoided. Granite and other material that is harder than marble cannot be re-polished after installation. Hence, the construction tolerance for smoothness of joint for these would be greater.

As timber is a natural product, it is not possible to achieve total consistency of colour and grain in its selections and installation.

The choice of brand and model of fittings, equipment, finishes, installation and appliances supplied shall be at the sole discretion of the Vendor.

Layout of wardrobes and kitchen cabinets is subject to Architect's sole discretion and final design.

The offer of optional items including the choices of finish, alternative layout and intelligent/smart home systems and features may be withdrawn or changed at the Vendor's sole discretion, or after the Building or the Housing Project has reached some intermediate stage.

Connection, subscription and other fee, for television, cablevision, internet and other services provider whether choosen by the purchaser or appointed by the Vendor or the management corporation when constituted shall be paid for by the Purchaser.

Where manufacturers, contractors or suppliers of fittings, equipment and appliances give warranties, the Vendors may be his own discretion pass such or any or all of the warranties to the Purchaser at the time possesion of the unit is delivered to the purchaser, and the Vendor shall not be answerable for any failure of these manufacturers, contractors and suppliers to honour any warranty.

The air-conditioning system has to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis by the purchaser . That includes the cleaning of filters and clearing the condensate pipes to ensure good working condition of the system.

The vendor will levy fees and related charges for internet accessibility via the Housing Project's leased line.