Launched in the new millennium in February 2000, OrangeTee has since established itself as a reputable, dynamic and fast-growing real estate enterprise in Singapore. We have about 3100 management and support staff, real estate consultants and managers, property management specialists, and information technology consultants, working together with the single aim of providing a one-stop solution to the real estate needs of both corporate and individual clients.

OrangeTee aims to be the most outstanding and respected real estate enterprise in the region. Our brand image is one of innovation, trustworthiness, value and service. What this means is that we provide unique and effective solutions to our clients and our wholehearted commitment to our customers will see us going the extra mile to not just meet but exceed customers’ expectations.

Our Brand

The colour orange symbolises warmth, energy, life, hospitality and vitality. Tee, on the other hand, is a reference to the golf tee that, though minute, is indispensable to any golfer. Taken together, OrangeTee is a reflection of our founders' aspiration that both the people and operations of OrangeTee will embody the positive energies of the colour orange and that every 'tee off', our first encounter with our customers, will be a successful and far-reaching one.